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Hybar is Philadelphia’s choice in custom homes, residential development, and comprehensive contracting services.

From new homes to high rises, our team has the experience to bring your dream construction project to life – or guide you through the process as a trusted consulting partner.

Design / Build

Hybar Construction’s design-build services provide a seamless, efficient, and comfortable approach to new construction.

We provide a unique combination of design, construction, and project management services internally, allowing our clients greater freedom and flexibility in creating their dream home alongside an experienced team. Changes throughout the process are recognized and addressed by the entire design & contracting team, leading to better communication, innovation, and more collaborative problem-solving.

No more cobbling together stakeholders. No more sourcing myriad subcontractors.

From design to completion, it’s all done in-house, making the home-building or renovation process easier than ever for people like you.


Pre-Construction Consulting

From early sketches to estimating and site selection, Hybar takes the long view to plan for an incredible residential experience before your building even gets off the ground.

Our pre-construction consulting services include a variety of capabilities:

With Hybar in your corner, we help you flesh out the entire vision before a single purchase order goes out, with incredible renderings, site planning, and spec sheets. Hybar’s integrated design and pre-construction services give the entire team access to comprehensive cost, scheduling, and constructability information to ensure success through the process, and on the project.

Construction Management

Hybar provides comprehensive construction management for residential construction in and around Philadelphia.

Construction projects involve a diverse variety of important stakeholders, all of whom must work together effectively across capabilities and service offerings, including the project owner or client, engineers, architects, general contractors, public works officers, and a host of subcontractors.

To streamline your build and leverage the skillset of every stakeholder, we do:

Hybar makes building easy, with comprehensive project management and an eye on the final product from day one.


Project Budgeting

Hybar Construction can help you with preliminary construction budgets and early-stage planning to make key development decisions before the rubber meets the road.

Considering a bid on a development site?

Looking at land for a new apartment complex?

If you’re in the early stages of a development or remodeling project, our team can help you get to an action-point. Make go / no-go decisions with just the most important information on project scope and cost, and Hybar can go as far as you want in the budgeting process based on your consulting budget.

Get actionable numbers without jumping through hoops with Hybar’s budgeting services.

Owners Representation

As experienced contractors on projects of all sizes, Hybar provides consulting services to help you complete your build to spec – and within budget. Knowing the pitfalls of large-scale construction project management is crucial to the success of your build.

Let Hybar be your guide.

Even if we’re not doing the construction, we work with developers and property owners to represent them through the process with their many contractors and stakeholders. Hybar has the experience to help you avoid common mistakes in construction, identify problems before they happen, keep costs within budget, and move a project forward on time.